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Glacier Travel Vigfus

Our Lead guide Vigfus

Vigfús is the company lead guide. He  is one of the locals and was born and raised in the area. He has being guiding for few years. Vigfús is also one of the local fishermen, operating one small fishing boat from Höfn over the summertime. Vigfús is a family man owning 3 little boys and a wife Fjóla Hrafnkelsdóttir which is  also born and raised in the area. 



Maritime safety and survival training center :

  • Crowd & Crisis management A-V/2 & A-V/3

  • STCW10 A-VI/1

  • WFR Wildeness first responder

  • Hard ice 1 AIMG Certificate

In all of our trips costumer safety comes first

Passion for outdoor travel in Iceland

Since i was young i have had a passion for staying out in the Icelandic nature,climbing the Iceland mountains,hiking the Icelandic glaciers and sailing the Icelandic seas and waters. Ice caves in Iceland are no exceptions. The Blue Ice caves in Iceland are natural phenomenon that are rare to find in the world and my passion for them are endless. Showing others this natural wonders in Iceland gives me the opportunity to combine my interest and work. Meeting new people from all over the world traveling to Iceland to see ice caves, making new friends that share the same interest for nature as me. The Glacier Lagoon in Iceland is one of our nature wonders and all my ice cave tours in Iceland  starts from there. When i guide my people i provide very personal guide service sharing with them knowledge about my live in Iceland and how we live here. Looking forward to every tour i make,hope to see you in ice cave in Iceland, Vigfús Ásbjörnsson owner and lead guide at Glacier Travel Iceland ;)

Ice cave tour Iceland
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